What is RaiseRighttm (formally ShopWithScrip)?
Raise is a free online giftcard management tool from Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC). It allows families to purchase gift cards to a number of stores, both local and national. Those gift cards have been sold to GLSC at a certain level of discount, ranging from 1-30%. GLSC then sells these discounted cards to SCRIP programs that have been set up by schools nationally who then sell the cards to families at the full price keeping the discount and crediting it towards tution and scholarships!


RaiseRightTM is the online way for families to place their own Scrip gift card orders. RaiseRighttm makes ordering a breeze for families by offering a complete listing of retailers carried by GLSC, as well as any local retailers’ Scrip products your coordinator adds to the site. You can look up a number of reports for your family, including your order and rebate history. It also enables your coordinator to easily collect payments, submit and distribute orders, and run reports of their own. Basically, RaiseRightTM makes ordering and management easy for both families and coordinators. It’s a one-stop shop for all things Scrip!


Why Should I use RaiseRightTM?
RaiseRightTM is so convenient to use! It’s more accurate than traditional order forms, because discounts, products and denominations are updated immediately by GLSC as changes occur. You can view images of each product, and find information about where and how gift cards can be used. With participating retailers, you can Reload funds onto gift cards you already own, and instantly purchase e-Gift Cards that can be used at the checkout right away when you pay for your order online with PrestoPay™. You won’t have to wait for a physical card to ship - perfect for last-minute purchases! Plus, you can place your orders literally any time of day or night, 365 days a year, from any internet-connected computer or device!


How Do I Get Started?
The first step is to create your free account by visiting and clicking on the green ‘Sign Up’ box. Fill in the form and follow the simple registration instructions. This includes entering your non-profit organization’s enrollment code, which you can get by contacting the school office. That’s all it takes to begin taking advantage of the easiest and more convenient fundraising program you’ll ever use. Start using today!